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10 Cent Bulk Scans + Prints


10 Cent Scans - on orders of 1,000+

1,000 print minimum.

For a limited time, bring in 1,000 or more photos (3.5x5 to 8x10 size), and pay only 10 cents each.  Bulk photo scans do not include color correction, cropping or orientation.  Prints are scanned at size at 300 dpi.  Prints must be loose (not in albums or frames), have no torn edges, no adhesive on the back, and not be mounted on rigid board.  We do not guarantee that the files will be in a particular order.  All files go into one folder - no categorizing, titling, or renumbering.

On qualifying orders of 1,000+ scans, we offer our Proof & Archive service at a 75% discount (no titles).

No frills, no rush.

100 print minimum.

For a limited time, bring in 100 or more print-ready images files on a card, disc, or flash drive, and pay only 10 cents each for high-quality TRUE PHOTOGRAPHIC FUJI PRINTS.  You must print EVERYTHING on your media.  (If you do not want to print everything on your media, your order does not qualify for this special.)

- JPEG, PSD or TIFF only. 

- 4x6 Luster Prints only (no glossy). 

- No borders.

- No editing or color correction.  For best color, please give us color-corrected sRGB 8-bit files. 

- No Photobar orders, online orders, Dropbox transfers, or hard drives.  You must drop off your media in the form of card, disc or flash drive with no folders, and we will print everything on the media.  

Prices subject to change at any time.

10 Cent Prints - on orders of 100+
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